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Many people don’t clean their windows because it takes too much time and effort. However, just because you’re too busy or tired to clean doesn’t mean you have to live with dirty windows. Let Spotless Glass Company in Bend, Oregon clean them for you.

We use high-quality products to remove caked-on grime from your windows and surfaces, giving them a streak-free shine. In addition, we can coat your windows with Diamon-Fusion, a patented product that protects your window panes from stains, minor scratches, and other types of superficial damage.


We clean interior and exterior windows of residential properties, including large houses and homes inside resort communities. Our hardworking and meticulous team will make the dirtiest interior and exterior windows in your home sparkling clean. In addition, we clean shower glass, kitchen counters, and bathroom surfaces.

Car dealership windows


We clean and coat interior and exterior windows and glass in office spaces and other commercial properties. This includes solar panel cleaning.

Our methods and the product we use result in less frequent cleaning and prevent environmental damage to your windows. Our goal is to save you money on maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.


A grimy windshield isn’t just unattractive, it’s also unsafe. Dusty or muddy windows can cause poor visibility during the daytime and create glare in nighttime driving situations. Keeping your car windows clean and adding protective coating are an easy way to ensure your safety while on the road.

Our cleaning and coating service helps ensure good visibility even in harsh weather conditions. We use Diamon Fusion™ coating to create a tough yet optically clear barrier over your car’s windows.

It improves your windshield’s resistance to acid rain, corrosion, scratches, chips and cracks, UV rays, and water. In addition, it prevents dirt buildup and makes your windows easy to clean.


Whether you need your kitchen windows cleaned or your office’s windows coated, you can rely on us for excellent results every time. Connect with us today for more information.